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5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2015

Memorial photos are loved by everyone, whether they may be a photographer or someone. Rather than words photos speaks more, which can really says and make you to remember your old moment’s of your life. But, after snapping a photo it won’t look good. So you need some customization to make it better than the real one. Usually, if we talk about editing mean our mind will struck to computer because still now we’ve used our old computers for editing photos. The main case we prefer computers due to its availability of softwares like Adobe Photoshop and more, today we will share some Best Photo editing app for Android, check out below apps and try out these awesome free Photo editing apps for Android.

Well, the time has changed and so we’ve an option for editing photos on Android Smartphones. So, now I’m here with some best android apps for editing photos quickly and simply. Let’s get through them…

Best Photo editing Apps for Android in 2015

#1 PicsArt

Picsart is an awesome photo editing android app. As the name implies, this app will let you to combine both your image and art. These things make your image so beautiful. In this app you are allowed to create photo collages, adding effects, removing unwanted objects, adding. frames and more. This app is having all the features seen on Photoshop. Just give an try for it.

#2 Pixlr Express

As the name implies, Pixlr Express let you to edit photos quickly, this is wonderful photo editing andorid application. The most amazing feature found in this app is the Auto Fix. This can fix all your images to look awesome quickly. Among them, it also has some features like red eye removal, add lighting effects for your image, cropping your images, resizing your images and more. So don’t miss this app.

#3 Picsay

Picsay, the most popular photo editing application for Android devices. This allows you to edit images to make them to have good look. Here, in this app you can add bubbles, texts, arrows, making memes and with lots of features. Picsay a photo editor has some other features than this. So check them all by installing it on your device and share your thoughts in comments below.

#4 Adobe Photoshop Express

Everyone must heard about Adobe and its products. Among them Adobe Photoshop is one which is available for all major platforms. Among those platforms, Android users can also use it. This app is totally designed for professional photographers for making their photos to look great. This app includes, cropping, resizing, red eye removal, color controls and with more just like the real one which you used in your computer. So, just given an try for it, It is free app for photo editing in android. OTHERS HERE

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