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Apple Watch Demo Videos Put Potential Buyers Behind The Wheel

apple watch

apple watch

possibilities for customization. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it’s much more suited to a product that’s entering an upgrade cycle. The last few years of iPhone or iPad releases is a good example of this. If you’re going to convince someone they might like to purchase the new one you’re going to highlight differentiating design, color, materials or functionality.
For a completely new category of product, Apple had to dig back — all the way to the original iPhone — to remember how to position these things. It’s probably difficult to recall, but the first iPhone was such a radical departure from anything that had come before it that Apple had a ton of explaining to do.
Part of that explaining was laying out the features and functions (and their theoretical usefulness) in a series of to-the-point instructional videos like this one. They went over things that seem second nature now: deleting a voicemail, reading and flagging email, browsing the web in a ‘real’ web browser.

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