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Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic thinking is about unraveling the mysteries of the chaotic world
around us and harnessing powerful forces to our own ends. It means
utilizing tools of analysis and tactics to take decisive and prudent
action that gives us the best possible chance of achieving our objectives—
whether those objectives are personal or professional.
In this course, we learn what the fi nest strategic minds of history can teach us
and how their insights can transform us into decisive, capable strategic thinkers.
We learn how to overcome both internal and external obstacles that block the
way to achieving our goals. Strategic thinking sharpens your awareness of the
world around you so that previously inexplicable events become intelligible.
You begin to connect the dots in many areas and at different levels. Causes and
effects, sometimes far removed from each other, take on clarity as we begin to
understand the funnel of causality. Seemingly isolated events are connected to
each other in patterns that we can readily recognize.
The framework for strategic thinking is a series of powerful analytical tools
that enables us to make sense of a complex world and can transform the
way we think, behave, and interact with others. These are the same tools
that inform both corporate strategy staffs and military intelligence units in
accomplishing scenario development, strategic choice, and tactical execution.

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