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How to Download and Install Windows 10 Right Now

I was one of those who took the plunge and installed Windows 10 Technical Preview and about a week ago, I got a notification on my PC asking me to get Windows 10. I did what I was asked and joined the queue of those waiting for the final release of Windows 10 on June 29.         ...

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Still on Windows 7? This is Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10

If you’re still on Windows 7 and you’ve already vowed not to upgrade to Windows 10, it’s probably because Microsoft broke everyone’s heart with Windows 8 and you’re still disappointed. Well, it’s understandable and no one is going to blame you, but should you really be stuck in the past? Is this not the right time to move on? Windows ...

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Windows 10 Will Log You In Using Your Biometric Data

Are you looking forward to Windows 10? Many people are thanks to the resounding disappointment Windows 8 seemed to be with the masses. The last Windows version I used was 7, and I have to say I thought it ran smoothly and I don’t remember any problems with it. Windows 10 is making some big changes, however, starting with the ...

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5 Tools to Optimize Your Sluggish Windows Machine

  As time goes by, all PCs get bogged down by unnecessary software, unused files, system errors and bad registry entries. While Windows has a few tools built-in cleaning and repairing utilities to help you deal with all this and to keep your PC optimized, it requires a degree of technical knowledge that most users don’t possess. This is where ...

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Have you Tried Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition for 64-bit OS?

Mozilla launched its developer edition of Mozilla Firefox last year but I never installed it till the 64-bit version was released a couple of weeks. Compared to the regular Mozilla Firefox, this developer edition has so many features a regular developer would want in a browser.   This special version of Firefox includes useful tools that should be helpful in ...

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Windows Phone 10 is dead before it even arrives

DC has released its latest numbers for smartphone OS market share, and unfortunately, it means we can likely close the book on Windows Phone. Windows Phone has a tech journalist problem. A lot of tech journalists, myself included, like Windows Phone. It’s stylish and attractive, and its UI makes sense — at least at the top level, and in a ...

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