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Check Out Visafone 10 Terabyte Data Plan For Just N1000 – How To Subscribe

Few days back, a friend actually told me that Visafone has got a 10 Terabyte Data Plan For Just N1000 (one thousand naira). I politely ignored the information stating that it wasn’t possible (If you are used to major Nigerian network data plans and their charges, you would have thought same).
I told him maybe he didn’t get the information correctly.  I was like ‘for this naija’? 10 Terabyte for just N1k?‘ except the company wants to run down because that’s more like unlimited browsing and downloads for a whole month for just a token (that’s what I would consider it considering the data allocated) of N1000.
That sounded too good to be true hence I totally ignored it.  But few hours back, while doing my usual research, I found it out to be true.  I was like whatttttttt! And am spending 1k weekly on glo bis for just 3gb (glo bis actually gives 3gb for 1k monthly but I consume it in a week because I use it on my laptop and every other device around me).
Reading through further, I realized what the catch was (Like i knew there was gonna be) and that sorta made me ignore it the second time but then, if you are the type who wouldn’t mind buying another phone nor the terms that comes with it, you can give it a run after all, like the adage goes, ‘a trial will convince you’.

Vodafone 10 Terabyte Data Plan for N1000

  1. First and foremost, it’s a blackberry plan (I wonder why blackberry still enjoys the best plans for less). But since Visafone uses CDMA unlike Mtn,  glo and others, you will have to buy one of Visafone blackberry phones.
  2. Using the blackberry phone alongside the plan, the data can be tethered (shared). If you are using a bb10 phone with glo bis, this shouldn’t be new to you. The Visafone plan via their blackberry phone, can be shared using mobile hotspot, Bluetooth or USB to other devices that’s got Wi-Fi or a functional USB port.
  3. According to further research, it was stated that the plan is kinda slow when surfing pages but very good for streaming, VoIP calls and downloading. However, I think geographical location is a strong determinate when it comes to browsing speed (at least, other telecommunication network seem to prove that).

How To Activate Visafone 10 Terabyte plan
As earlier stated, you need to get one of Visafone’s blackberry phone.  Make sure to have a minimum balance of N1000 on the sim and send BBCM to 6000.
In-respective of the short comings attached to be plan (as stated above), I personally think this is the best economic data plan in the country at the moment. Oh well, maybe this is their way of marketing their blackberry devices but then, I think the catch should work (a whooping 10 Terabyte Data Plan For N1000).  Big ups to their marketing team lol.




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