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How to Change Your HTC IMEI in Detailed Steps

A similar tutorial was published here a while ago about changing your MTK device’s IMEI but that method can’t be applied to other smartphones. The method explained in this article was actually carried out on an HTC One X with a custom recovery, an unlocked bootloader and running CyanogenMod. In short, I tried this on a rooted device.
So, to get this to work for you, your device may need to be rooted. It probably won’t work on an unrooted phone but I wouldn’t specifically say that. You may need to run a Google search on how to root your specific model of HTC.
Disclaimer: Please note that doing this is illegal in some countries. You’re doing this at your own risk and I won’t be held responsible for any damage caused. Also, this will void your warranty.

The steps are quite easy to follow and you only need to download a few things.


1. Java must be installed on your PC since Android SDK needs it. Skip this step if you’ve already done that.
2. Download and install Android SDK.
3. Download and install PdaNet and select HTC while installing the driver. Be sure you’re connected to the internet and only plug in your phone when asked to.
4. Download Fastboot. Extract the “Android” folder in it to the C:\ drive on your PC. You should now have C:\Androidfastboot.exe in this location. Be sure the path is correct.

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