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How to Easily Unroot an Android Device [Full Tutorial]

We all have different reasons why we root our devices but there are times when it’s important to unroot. If you have never had any reason to unroot your phone, it’s possible you might not even know there’s a way to do it without necessarily flashing a stock ROM. However there are mainly two reasons why people unroot their Android device:

  • To avoid a software brick while performing an OTA update
  • To get back warranty

In lots of cases, performing an over-the-air update on a rooted device may brick the device and it is always advised to unroot your phone before performing an OTA update.


Method 1: Unrooting with SuperSU, Super User, KingUser and others

Depending on how you root your device, you should have either of these root apps installed on your phone. You should first check your app drawer to see which one you have.
For SuperSU: Go to Settings, scroll down to Cleanup and select Full Unroot.

Click Continue and wait till it’s done. you can reboot your phone and it’s all done.
For KingUser: Go to settings by clicking the gear icon, tap Remove Root Permission and hit theClear button.

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