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How To Use Two Whatsapp Accounts On Your Android

welcome back guys as you all know that in today’s time people more prefer whatsapp rather than facebook and some people are that much addicted to it that they open whatsapp every 5 mins or sometimes even 30 seconds are also less and its getting very trendy thats why today we are here with a new trick by which you can easily use two whatsapp account on your one and only one android phone which means you can have multiple whatsapp accounts on your phone.

How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On Your Android

For this question we have a solution named as OGWhatsApp which can be used as a secondary whatsapp for your phone but its setup is not like the real or original whatsapp messenger but its also not very hard ?

How To Use And Where To Download OGWhatsApp

To Run both WhatsApp messenger and OGWhatsApp on your phone you might be required to take a backup of your conversation from you real WhatsApp Messenger
Then you will required to clear the data of your real WhatsApp Messenger by going into settings => Apps Or Application Or Application Manager => All Apps => WhatsApp Messenger => Clear Data
Now its time to do something awesome ? ~ At First,open your file manager => SD Card or Memory Card and then search for whatsapp and rename it to OGWhatsApp and save the folder and click the home button. ? READ MORE HERE

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