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JAMB Officially Announces National Cut-Off Marks For 2015 + What It Actually Means

Jamb has officially announced that the 2015 official cut-off mark is 180 for Universities and 150 for polytechnics, Colleges of Education and other certificate awarding institutions.
However, from comments and feedback we have been receiving, it seems that most candidates have not clearly understood the import of this.
So we deem it necessary to explain what it actually means. Many candidates for instance are of the opinion that since they have applied to study in a university and have scored up to 180 that their choice institution must consider them for admission going by the fact that the official cut-off mark for universities is 180.
You should know by now that most Federal Universities accept only candidates who scored 200 and above and nothing less and even when such universities adopts the official cut-off mark of 180 some courses will demand that you still score 200 and above to be considered for admission. Similar permutation applies to polytechnics and colleges of education with official cut-off mark of 150. You may ask, “What is then the essence of the cut-off mark if institutions won’t stick to it?” I will explain.
The 180 official cut-off mark for universities only means that no university is permitted to accept any candidate with UTME score below 180.
For polytechnics, Colleges of Education and other certificate awarding institutions that have official cut-off mark of 150, it means that non- of these institutions will accept a candidates that have anything less that 150 as UTME score. So where as institutions cannot go below their official cut-off marks, they can go above the cut-off marks. Now,
I guess you understand.

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