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It’s a pity to know many Nigerians remain gullible still.

It saddens my heart we still don’t get use to promises and keep hoping for fulfilment of those promises.

It only looks good at this period when they needed our votes. Pls let’s get use to this.

This is the period they will buy the support of prominent people, celebrities and all renown personalities in the society. (These set of people see the bigger picture.) They’ll only make them rich the more and make “us” blind the more.

This is the time you will see multitudes nod their heads at everything they say or do cos they are mindful of their actions, gestures, and words.

This is the time they (our leaders in rotation) gets dirty all to achieve what they wanted and not what you want.

Days ago, there was traffic congestion in Owerri Municipality due to the fact that the present govt. came visiting. I shook my head in pity and I asked myself “What caused the traffic congestion?” But the truth is the question should be “Who caused the traffic congestion” which restricted many.

Who? It is the mothers and fathers of the children who have been home for months due to ASUU strike.

It is the sisters and brothers who are victims and victim’s relations of the present hardship in this country.

It is the market men and women who have shared the greater deal of the country’s economy crisis.

It is “us” not “them”. There were even political thugs who are products of poverty.

The reality is that the visitor(s) did not feel any hardship or stress for there’s no traffic both on land and on air.

I was wondering, is there no thinking faculty anymore? I think the stipends shared shouldn’t worth a brain talk more of brains put together.

But my answer lies in tomorrow cos I’ll never find an answer to my questions because Nigerians remain Nigerians. The word ‘Perspective’ was coined to be used in only my country.

My say is let “us” be consistent on our human effort and someday it will pay off. Nigeria Government enrich the circle and every human within the circle.

If you are within the circle, you are lucky.

For “us” that are not in the circle, but outside the circle, keep rolling…you might find yourself in it someday as the table turns.

Otherwise, stay focus and stay out of trouble.

Lastly, I’ll say Just Vote, it’s not necessarily you vote wisely. For many of “us” have been voting wisely and regrets is all we gat in return.

So, pls Just Vote.


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