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Mark Zuckerberg Interacts With Nigerian Developers in Lagos

Earlier today, Mark Zuckerberg was at the Facebook’s traditional Townhall Question and Answer event in Lagos, Nigeria. He answered questions from developers and players in the Nigerian tech industry, giving insights into Facebook’s plans and discussing entrepreneurial strategies.

Mark Zuckerberg in lagos

Mark Zuckerberg  in lagos

Earlier yesterday, he was at CcHub and visited Summer of Code Camp, a program where kids are taught how to program. Basically, he is in Nigeria to witness the creativity and innovation happening in the country’s tech space.

When asked about the impressions he has on his visit to Nigeria, he said:

The thing that is striking is the entrepreneurial energy. I think when you are trying to build something, what ends up mattering the most is who wants it the most and who cares the most to build it and you feel that here, that passion and that entrepreneurial energy.

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