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AZEEZ ABDULSALAM OLUWASEYI is a very young and talented person who has used his knowledge in importing business to create a new life for so many people , He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Web Developer, Project Manager, Speaker and Consultant.

He has empowered over 500 Nigerians through his trainings, seminars, articles and blog. He is confident of who He is, what He do and the passion He pursue.


Who Am I ?

My name is Azeez Abdulsalam, And am an approved importer. In the past one year now, importation has become my hobby; this is simply because I makes over 600% PROFIT from each product I import to Nigeria. Have successfully taught many people across Nigeria this same business and they make money from time-to-time.

You can’t get this anywhere, what I want to hand-over to you is a spinning wealth secrets of rich men and this business will make you 300% more richer than you have ever thought.


Let get started >>

What Is Importing All About?

In the simplest term, importing is the act of bringing in products from another country at a cheap price and reselling to end user (consumers) in an attempt to make profit and as well satisfy their needs. It is the practice of having goods manufactured very cheaply in other countries according to specification and bringing them into your own country to sell at very high margins and profit.

Are you an Undergradute, Graduate, Average, Less Privilege, Employed, Unemployed person or a stay @ home Mum willing to start a business with less capital and be earning a mind blowing profits regardless of your location? If “YES” is your answer then this “MINI IMPORTATION BUSUNESS IS FOR YOU”

I have some full (DIY) training Videos and EBooks that will teach you on how to become a successful importer in this business.

Here are the basic advantages you are going to benefit from the seminal Videos and Ebooks with just a promo price of #25,000 for the first 10 people only.

  • Introduction To Importation Business.
  • The Basic Essentials.
  • Import Portals To Source For Products At Cheap prices.
  • How To Setup Your Account On Aliexpress.
  • How To Order On Aliexpress.
  • How To Track Your Goods On Aliexpress.
  • How To Break High Dollar Exchange Rate.
  • How To Discover Cheap Product And Identify Credible Seller.
  • List of 30 hot products that sell like crazy here in Nigeria and how you can also research hot in demand product that will sell within a week.
  • List of reputable logistics companies that will help you to handle your shipping and clearing without additional cost nor custom problem.
  • 7 powerful tactics to sell fast and costly mistakes you must avoid if you don’t want to waste your money.
  • How To Avoid Importing The Wrong Product.
  • Criterion To Discover Hot Product To Import.
  • List Of Hot Product You Can Get For $1 – $5.
  • Cheap Ways To Pay For Shipping With Your Bank Atm Card And Ship To Nigeria Within 24-48hours..
  • How To Partner With Jumia, Konga, Kaymu And Dealdey.Com For Free And Help You Sell Your Goods To Over 50 Million Nigerians On Their Platform.
  •  How To Deliver Your Product To Customers Across The Nation.
  • General Note On How To Be A Successful Importer

And I’m going to give you another free (DIY) Ebook training guide on how to register your business with Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) without a Lawyer and with just a token amount of #11,000 only to get your business registered. This bonus offer is only for the first 10 people only.


You Can Also Order For Any Of My Materials Listed

🔹 Complete Guide On Watermelon Production – How to start watermelon production
and makes over N450,000 every 85days

🔹 Land Acquisition Procedures – How to get government and private land for farming
purposes with less than N5,000 per hectare for a whole year anywhere in Nigeria

🔹 Complete Business Name Registration Secrets – Step by step guide on how to register
your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in less than 14days
without a Lawyer and with N10,750 only

🔹Website Design – Step by step procedure on how to design a website within 3hours
without knowledge of programming.

🔹 Facebook Autopilot Money – How to leverage on Facebook and make an average of
N120,000 directly into your local bank account every month.

A year ago when I first started this business, I imported 10pieces of wrist watch from China, the 10pieces only cost me N3,700.

I sold each of the wristwatch N3,000 Multiply N3,000 X 10pieces = N30,000 Profit = Total Selling Price – Total Cost Price = #30,000-#3,700= #26,300.


I sold the 10pieces within 3days and I made a total profit of N26,300, meaning I made a profit of N2,630 on each watch. I later proceed and I imported 150pieces of this same watch, leaving me with N394,500 whopping cash PROFIT

That is over 600% pure PROFIT without stress. My dear importer to be, importation business is seriously PROFITABLE.
Have provided answers to some of the questions that may be bothering you below:

How about the startup capital ?

The startup capital of this business is very low, you can start with N10,500 upward. I personally started with N6,850 and I grew with it.

Do I have to travel to China, Asia, or USA before I can start this business ?

You don’t need to travel to China, Asia or USA before you can start importation business, you import products from the comfort of your home and you get them deliver at your door step right here in Nigeria..

How about the high dollar rate ?

Yes you are right, in-fact this has made many dummy importer to stop this business but I will soon tell you the legit method me and my inner circle students used to pay cheap compare to the current N370 per dollar .

I don’t understand Chinese, how will I communicate with the seller?

You don’t need to understand Chinese or have any agent right there in China, I will reveal to you how to break the language barrier and get your product at the lowest rate.

How about custom fee, am I going to pay them ?

Forget about custom, it none of their business. You do not have to pay them any amount, not even 1kobo. The whole profit is purely yours..

Do I need an office ?

You don’t need an office neither do you need to hawk the product before you can sell.

How will I sell my products ?

I will reveal to you how you can partner with the top 4giant e-commerce company in Nigeria with over 50million buyers that are ready to buy your product and even say thank you. .

Is my money safe with the seller/supplier ?

Yes it is 100% secured, there is a new method of payment. With this method, your supplier will only be paid when the goods get delivered to you in Nigeria and you do not have any complain. If the item you receive falls below your expectation, you can report and have your money returned to your account within 72 hours..


Take a look at the cost of some of the product on this secret website and compare it to the amount it been sold in Nigeria.

Take a look at this picture showing one the products i imported to Nigeria currently from china.


This quality wristwatch only cost $5 and you can resell for #6,000-#9,000 here in Nigeria.



High quality advanced makeup kits that cost #3,000-#7,000 in Nigeria only cost #470 on this secret website.



High configuration smart phone for just $64.



Brand new laptop only cost $85 on this secret website (Less than #28,000).


You can even get Brazilian hair at cheaper prices and sell for #19k to #40k here in Nigeria.




This gold plated necklace worth #12,000-#25,000 in Nigeria but you can buy it for just $4(less than #1500).


Imagine getting wristwatches that worth #15k to #30k here in Nigeria for less than #5,000.


For real, you could see the products are seriously cheap. Now imagine the profit you would make per one and on over 10, 20, 40, 100, 500pieces of such product.

You can just get started with little amount of capital as i said above and be earning up to 400% to 700% profit on each product sold only if you follow my STEP BY STEP VIDEOS, EBOOKS AND TRAINING.


Payment Options

STEP 1 – Make a bank deposit/online or mobile transfer of#25,000 to the account below

Bank: Skye
Account Name: Abdulsalam Oluwaseyi Azeez
Account Number: 3051754024

NOTE: Remember to copy this account details before you leave this page.

STEP 2 – After payment, send your Name, Email, Date Paid, Teller No/Transaction Screenshot to aabdulsalam606@gmail.com

Once we received your payment, we would get back to you via E-mail.

For questions, inquiry, clarification, you can reach me via any of the following:
🔹E-mail: aabdulsalam606@gmail.com
🔹Call: +2348164905309 (8:00 am – 6:00pm) only
🔹 Whatsapp: +2348164905309


Warm Regards,
Azeez Abdulsalam.

Azeez Abdulsalam

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